September 2020:  This is officially the 40th anniversary of my electrolysis practice.  I love my job!

May 2020:
Reopened with a few changes in decontamination protocols.  Clients are asked to cancel if they have any signs, symptoms, or exposures to Covid19. 

March 2020: 
All electrolysis businesses (and many more) were closed in Kansas due to the Covid19 pandemic.  As a result I have turned off MyReceptionist answering service.  Calls are routed to my cell phone and I'm happy to answer or return your call.  You can still schedule online at your convenience.

October 2019: 
Attended continuing education in Grapevine, Texas.

April 2018: Presented "Evaluation of Hair Growth" to the Kansas Association of Professional Electrologists

October 2018:
Attended continuing education in Arlington, Virginia.  Brought home all new equipment and magnification. 

October 2017:
Attended continuing education in San Diego, California.

October 2016:  
Attended continuing education in Providence, Rhode Island.

April 2016:  
Moved to my new location in Topeka!  

August 2015:  
Attending continuing education in Quebec, Canada.

July 2015:  
This begins my 35th year as an electrologist.  What a great profession!

May 2015:  Presented a lecture at TAPE (Texas Association):  The Electrologist as Infection Preventionist

March 2015:  
Happy Anniversary to ELECTROLOGYWORKS.COM!  This is the 10th anniversary of this website, and it is the 2 year anniversary of the blog "electrologyworksnow."  Please see the most recent article Tales from the Electrology Treatment Room.  

November 2014:  
Ethical Behavior in a We-Kill-Hair World

July 2014:  
Attended Continuing Education in Austin, Tx.  Texas Association of Professional Electrologists

June 2014:  
There's No Business in No Shows

February 2014:  
New addition to blog - Who Wants To Be An Electrologist? Written after doing research through social media resources.  

January 2014:  
Attended continuing education at American Institute of Education.

December 2013:   Featured in Topeka Capital Journal “I make a huge difference in people’s lives,” she said. “I have women that feel they can’t be close to a man. They don’t want their children kissing them or snuggling them because they have whiskers."

September 2013:  Attended the AEA Convention in New Orleans.

May 2013:  Visit my "real" blog at  

February 2013:  Looking for a Singing Valentine?  My last sing-out with Love N Harmony.  Call 272-7232 or 478-4650 to schedule.

Fall 2012:
 If you facebook, please look for my page "Barbara's Electrologyworks".  Likes are good!  However, I truly do understand your anonymity.  

Spring 2012:
New magnification and lighting!

Winter 2011:  3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed

October 2011:  Turned the website pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Summer 2011:  Wishing Wilma George a very happy 90th birthday!

Spring 2011:  A recent thread on WWW.HAIRTELL.COM made me aware of several famous people who have improved their looks with electrolysis.  The most famous of them all might be Rita Hayworth.  See before and after pictures, and read about her HERE.

December 2010:  Barbara will be utilizing the MyReceptionist operators to make your appointments.  One call - and no waiting for a call-back to make your appointment. 

April, 2010: Now available! The newest electrology technology, Platinum Pure, is a 27 mHz epilator which provides the most comfortable treatments available. Clients are loving the gentle treatments this epilator provides and the fact that redness after treatment is decreased.


Learn about all aspects of Topeka's Police Department.  Classes are held spring and fall.  Check back at the site, above, to learn when you can take this great class.

Gotta love this video:  GoD & DoG

What music are you playing?

  • Kurt Bestor - Sketches

  • Nicholas Gunn - Crossroads

  • R. Carlos Nakai - Inner Voices

  • Yo-Yo Ma - Simply Baroque

  • Ken Bonfield - Homecoming

  • Cusco - Apurimac II Return to Ancient America

  • Earthtone - Collection One

  • Northsound - Celtic Nights

  • Paul Cardall - The Looking Glass

  • Lorie Line - Open House

  • Mars Lasar - Sapphire dreams

  • Kevin Kern - Summer Dreams

  • Mia Jang - Sweet Dreams

What kind of makeup do you use?   Illuminare - High performance liquid mineral makeup.  They even have a great "how to apply" video on the page!


I love my website!!!! I hope you do, too!